Monday, March 11, 2013

Ways to Make It For Kids Not Exposed to Pornography

Disclosure of information and the technology to make things more accessible pornography charged, not to mention the children. In order for your children not exposed to pornography, then as a parent you have to act and be more assertive.

According to Dr. Kristiana Siste, SpKJ of the Department of Psychiatry RSCM, Jakarta, mostly in children is exposure to pornography from the Internet. Today many children who are dependent on the internet, so they are more easily exposed to pornography and even become victims of sexual abuse.

Sleep Deprivation, Women Be More Than Galak at Wake Up Men

After a sleepless night, usually people would get up early in fresh condition. But it is different if someone is not getting enough hours of sleep or stress. When awake, the less hours of sleep will become irritable and sensitive.

But according to a recent survey conducted by Duke University, U.S., women will be much more irritable than men waking. In fact, women do require more sleep than men, including physical and mental suffering greater than men if bedtime is reduced.

Ironically, lack of sleep also gives women the risk of heart disease, depression and psychological disorders than men. In contrast, men's health conditions are not too dependent on how well the quality of their sleep. Even though men with sleep disorders do not show risk of disease experienced by women.

"In this study, more women are depressed and grumpy in the morning when they are not getting adequate hours of sleep or as they usually get. So when they have disturbed sleep or difficulty waking up it will give a dramatic effect," says researcher Michael Breus, a psychologist, sleep expert and author of The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan.

In fact, lack of sleep is affecting women more than men for a number of reasons. One hunch is men and women have different hormonal makeup that women need more time to sleep in order to manage while maintaining the balance of hormones.

"Women are not only affected her emotions but also the psychological condition. What we found was a woman who sleep less at risk of developing a number of factors that lead to stroke. We also noted a certain inflammation markers whose levels are higher in women. Though inflammation can also cause pain. Maybe that is why women feel pain more severe than men, "Breus node as reported by CBSNews, Monday (03/11/2013).

'Grandma Electric', heart-Mounted Battery & Electric to Keep Life

Newcastle, England, Anne Higgs is one of the few people in the world who live with a mechanical heart. To survive, the heart of Anne had always had electricity supply, either from the battery or direct power.

Anne heart could beat on its own. He could still survive today thanks to an electric heart on his chest. My grandmother is 56 years old was so few people in the world who live with a mechanical heart.

"All my friends call me 'grandma's electric." I live by the battery during the day and 240 volt electricity at night, "said Anne Higgs, as reported by the Mirror, Monday (11/03/2013).

Similar Strokes, Panic Attack Attacked People Feel Pain in the Chest

 Stabbing pain in the chest and shortness of breath is common for those who suffered a stroke. But it could be a complaint arising from a severe panic attack. Understandably, the symptoms of severe panic attacks and strokes somewhat-somewhat similar.

"The symptoms of panic attack, like a stroke. Stabbing pain in the chest, difficulty breathing, heart pounding, dark eyes, and blood pressure drop. Currently experiencing like this, more people are brought into the ER, but when the EKG, all fine," said clinical psychologist Liza Marielly Djapri when talking with detikHealth in Kemang, South Jakarta, and was written on Tuesday (12/03/2013).

The Evolving Due to Bacteria Antibiotics Not Working

Antibiotics have been known as a drug that can help healing. But what if it turns out antibiotics are now not able to handle an infection or other illness?

Antibiotics that have been used for a variety of healing just cause 'catastrophic threat' to society. It is said by the chief medical officer in England as an act of urgent warning to the whole world.

"If it is not taken strong action in the use of antibiotics, and no new discovery, then we will find our healthcare system is no different as in the days of the 19th century in some ways," said Dame Sally Davies as quoted from The Guardian, Tuesday (12/3 / 2013).

While several antibiotics fail to work, the bacteria growing. Although the 'superbug' methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria and C have been reduced in some hospitals, but there have been an alarming increase in other types of bacteria, including the new strain of E coli and Klebsiella that causes pneumonia.

Beware, 5 It Often Happens Stomach Problems in Children

When a child complains of abdominal pain, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Stomach pain can be caused by simple problems such as anxiety, but can also be serious like Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease requiring medical help.

Beware of the five types of abdominal pain most often occurs in children following, as reported by Parenting, Monday (04/03/2013), among others:

1. Constipation
Digestive disorders that cause difficulty in bowel movements can also affect babies and children. Feces were piled up in the colon, can cause discomfort or pain in the abdomen.

Stomach ache this in turn will make your child to hold the stool, which can exacerbate the problem. For infants under 6 months who have not had a solid stool, try to feed him more often.

For infants older than 6 months and toddlers, provide more fruits, vegetables, pear juice, apple or grapes and drink more water. For children older than 5 years, if action is not helping after 2 days, your doctor may suggest to use a stool softener.

Overcome Phobias in Children with Math Games This Interesting

Math is a frightening specter for some people. Hospital fears, some children even had a phobia of mathematics. This can be overcome know. The trick is to engage children in a fun math game.

Here are some games to try to hone a child's self-confidence in mathematics so they can eliminate the phobia in subjects such calculations, as quoted Boldsky on Tuesday (03/12/2013):

1. Sudoku
Sudoku is one of the popular games from Japan that can help children play with the numbers. When playing sudoku, the children were asked to fill in the numbers from 1 to 9 into the web of 9 × 9 which consists of nine 3 × 3 boxes with no repeated numbers in a row, column or box. These games train the brain activity and improve reasoning abilities.

2. Geometric puzzles
It is a simple math game for kids. Provide a variety of different forms in children and ask them to merge together the pieces that are there so formed a picture. This activity is fun and good for the brain. Not only that, geometric puzzles also help your child improve their skills in analyzing.