Monday, March 11, 2013

Similar Strokes, Panic Attack Attacked People Feel Pain in the Chest

 Stabbing pain in the chest and shortness of breath is common for those who suffered a stroke. But it could be a complaint arising from a severe panic attack. Understandably, the symptoms of severe panic attacks and strokes somewhat-somewhat similar.

"The symptoms of panic attack, like a stroke. Stabbing pain in the chest, difficulty breathing, heart pounding, dark eyes, and blood pressure drop. Currently experiencing like this, more people are brought into the ER, but when the EKG, all fine," said clinical psychologist Liza Marielly Djapri when talking with detikHealth in Kemang, South Jakarta, and was written on Tuesday (12/03/2013).

In some cases, people who experience panic attacks then freeze ataun freezing so could not do any activities. It happened because he has felt something uncomfortable in his heart. In these conditions, the sweat too much out.

"If those who get panic attacks, usually lasts for an hour, but a painful first 15 minutes, and then gradually to normal again," said the mother of two children who is also a therapist.

People who have panic attacks usually have a character somewhat anxious since childhood. Usually they also have the management and regulation of the stress that is not good.

"In the past most people by the age of 30 experienced something up. But the longer, a new entry has been subject to 30 years of age. When we are living in a world that is not safe, it is more easily subject to panic attacks," said Liza.

According to UI alumnus, the pressure on children at school can also make benin-seed appearance of panic attacks. The child's world is a world of play, but if early on they were forced too hard to learn so lost world of play, then it puts pressure on the child.

"So stress at a young age because since childhood has been sued a lot. Consequently not know pleasure and happiness. This memgakibatkan birth of anxiety and depression," said Liza.

Many people are not aware of him having panic attacks so it does not receive adequate treatment. In addition, many are panicking over not something you should watch out because not a disease. And with proper handling panic attacks is actually a mental illness can be overcome.

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