Sunday, April 21, 2013

Standing While making love, Why Not?

Sex with a legitimate partner would be nice. However, if the position of lovemaking that's it, could have sex so boring. Love to try different styles into one solution so that sex is not boring.

Generally a lot of couples who enjoyed sex missionary position. It could be because this is the most simple style of sex, where men are in control of the activities of sex. But there is also a woman on top position like where letting his wife as control. 

Style of sex that you can try tonight with a partner is standing sex aka sex while standing. This indeed is a sex position that many couples are less common, but there is no harm in trying. 

Quoted from, Saturday (04/20/2013), a sex position that requires strength, especially in the male. While doing this style, wife leaned against the wall, while the husband will lift and hold his wife's body. 

Then the wife can put one foot on the floor or wrapped in hip couple. If she wanted to put her feet to the partner's body, you should also consider whether the husband is strong enough to withstand the weight of his wife. If not, instead of getting a nice sex, both partners could fall. 

Love this style believed to be the great sex position if you want to flash and exciting sex. This position allows couples to meet face so that it can be done while waging fierce kiss. 

There is also a greater opportunity to stimulate the clitoris from all possible angles. There is also the possibility of the husband to penetrate more leverage than when doing missionary style launnya or lying position. 

This position is very fitting to do if you were both were burning passion. If the husband is less powerful lifting dna resist his wife's body, then this position is hard to do. So sometimes the husband with posture thinner or smaller than his wife, making love while standing a frightening position. How could I not, given the husband the wife to hold the weight load on one side and give or have an orgasm at the other side. 

Some say sex while standing a rough style for those who just got married, where the experience of lovemaking is still minimal. But if possible, making love while standing you can try.

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