Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Survey: In China, Sex Before Marriage Already Ordinary

Premarital sex can be said to have originated from Western culture and is strictly prohibited performed in Eastern countries. However, from a survey conducted in March 2012 revealed that many lovers in China who have sex before married.

Are described in detail 71.4 percent of respondents who admitted having sex with her boyfriend before getting married; 43.1 percent of respondents think that premarital sex is fine and only 24.6 percent of respondents who expressed strongly against it. And based on a similar survey in 1989, only 15 percent of respondents who said they had sex before marriage.

A recent survey held by Insight China magazine and Tsinghua Media Survey conducted by the Lab, Tsinghua University, China included 1013 respondents. 56 percent among male respondents and 44 percent of female respondents from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

Nearly 70 percent of respondents aged 20-39 years. 64 percent had higher education. Occupation of respondents varied from the manager, the owner of a private company, to civil servants and students.

In addition to the above findings, the researchers also reported that 33.7 percent of respondents considered sex is a basic human need and nothing to do with morality, while 27.7 percent of respondents believe that if two people have sex with each other as long as they really love each other, even if it is done before marriage.

This survey also emphasized the difference in mindset between men and women about premarital sex. Overall there are 33.5 percent of women who did not agree with premarital sex, but the male respondents who did not agree to it only as much as 17.8 percent.

Then the survey was followed by a leading micro blogging site in China called Sina. On the site was 19,578 netizens participated in the survey. 79.4 percent of whom identified themselves as male.

From there it is known 86.5 percent of respondents claimed to have had sex before marriage or in other words, 15.1 percent higher than the printed survey.

Responding to the survey results, Li Yinhe, a sexology expert who held a survey in 1989 about pre-marital sex in China said that the increasing number of pre-marital sex is not inevitable.

"First, the purpose of sex itself has changed. Birthing children is no longer the main reason of the activity. Secondly, there is a very strong desire for sex from young, long before they reach the right age to marry and later adolescence tends to start earlier than before. Moreover sex outside marriage is also no longer considered illegal in China, and returned as a personal choice, "explained Yinhe as reported from mid-day on Wednesday (01/02/2013).

However, a researcher from the Institute of Sexuality and Gender, Renmin University of China, Du Juan doubt that the survey data about premarital sex has been representing the overall situation of China's society.

In addition, Du and his colleagues have obtained different conclusions from a national survey about premarital sex that their own title. "China has managed to do the sexual revolution. On the other hand, chose not to have sex before marriage or against it is also a personal choice. Do not just choose to not have sex before marriage because it was trendy," said Du.

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