Monday, March 11, 2013

Ways to Make It For Kids Not Exposed to Pornography

Disclosure of information and the technology to make things more accessible pornography charged, not to mention the children. In order for your children not exposed to pornography, then as a parent you have to act and be more assertive.

According to Dr. Kristiana Siste, SpKJ of the Department of Psychiatry RSCM, Jakarta, mostly in children is exposure to pornography from the Internet. Today many children who are dependent on the internet, so they are more easily exposed to pornography and even become victims of sexual abuse.

"How to avoid it is to prevent children opening the internet for a long time without supervision," said Dr. Kristiana in a talk show on the show Woman Health Expo at Grand Sahid Hotel, Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta, and was written on Monday (03/11/2013).

So that children can be separated from the Internet, thereby reducing exposure to pornography kemungkinana through cyberspace, following tips from Dr. Kristiana:

1. Children involved in many extra-curricular activities at school
2. Do not give a mobile phone that can access the internet
3. Restrict Internet usage time
4. Familiarize children asked the teacher if there is a stranger
5. Ask the children to avoid acquainted with the content of social networking suspicious.
6. Familiarize children sharing the parents, teachers, and friends if there is a problem

"There have been many cases of virtual world there are children who were kidnapped and are victims of sexual violence. So lay out the facts as it is in children so that children understand the dangers," said Dr. Kristiana.

On the same occasion Dr. Frances Kaligis PSKJ encourage children and teens dare to say no if someone asked to perform acts that lead to sex. Use reasons and clear so that people will stop taking invites.

"If you have experienced sexual violence or abuse, speak with a trusted adult. Do not try to save yourself because it will not solve the problem," said the doctor who was familiarly called Dr. Chika's.

He added that violence and sexual harassment can be done by anyone. Even those closest known can do. It can not be allowed because it can interfere with growth and development.

"It would have an impact on the formation of self-confidence, personality formation, and stable emotions," said Dr. Chika.

According to him, economic factors into the risk factors kekrasan and sexual harassment. But economic factors are not the only cause.

"In the literature of economics so called risk factors. Pressure, stress, triggers someone who actually already have psychological problems so desperate to do it," said Dr. Chika.

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