Monday, March 11, 2013

Sleep Deprivation, Women Be More Than Galak at Wake Up Men

After a sleepless night, usually people would get up early in fresh condition. But it is different if someone is not getting enough hours of sleep or stress. When awake, the less hours of sleep will become irritable and sensitive.

But according to a recent survey conducted by Duke University, U.S., women will be much more irritable than men waking. In fact, women do require more sleep than men, including physical and mental suffering greater than men if bedtime is reduced.

Ironically, lack of sleep also gives women the risk of heart disease, depression and psychological disorders than men. In contrast, men's health conditions are not too dependent on how well the quality of their sleep. Even though men with sleep disorders do not show risk of disease experienced by women.

"In this study, more women are depressed and grumpy in the morning when they are not getting adequate hours of sleep or as they usually get. So when they have disturbed sleep or difficulty waking up it will give a dramatic effect," says researcher Michael Breus, a psychologist, sleep expert and author of The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan.

In fact, lack of sleep is affecting women more than men for a number of reasons. One hunch is men and women have different hormonal makeup that women need more time to sleep in order to manage while maintaining the balance of hormones.

"Women are not only affected her emotions but also the psychological condition. What we found was a woman who sleep less at risk of developing a number of factors that lead to stroke. We also noted a certain inflammation markers whose levels are higher in women. Though inflammation can also cause pain. Maybe that is why women feel pain more severe than men, "Breus node as reported by CBSNews, Monday (03/11/2013).

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