Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bad for the digestion, Avoid Drinking in Middle Eat

water drinking habit while eating at each person is different. No one likes to drink after the food runs out, but there is also a little drink after entering 2-3 tablespoons of food into his mouth. Yet according to an expert from India, the second habit is not good for digestive health. How so? 

Maybe for people who have the habit, drinking water in the middle of eating can prevent facilitate the entry of food into the body, preventing the throat become sluggish when eating or just quench your thirst. 

"Many people who drink while eating because they think his theory is lowering foods. Though many people who had no clue about how wrong this habits and how these habits posed obstacles to their digestive process. Fact for those who suffer from digestive disorders, the consequences could be diverse, "said researcher Shonali Sabherwal as reported Timesofindia, Saturday (20/04/2013). 

Sabherwal explains what happens when you 'ngeyel' drinking water during meals is a beverage that will be absorbed into the intestinal wall of the stomach. "Whereas the absorption will continue until the time the digestive hormones are released to begin digesting food. But since hormones have been mixed with water, the concentration becomes lower than the food in the stomach. This resulted in food can not be digested properly and the results , food that is not digested it breaks into the system along with the absorption of foods through the stomach wall. condition is causing acid reflux and heartburn, "he explained. 

Drinking water while eating the digestive power of the stomach is known to degrade drastically, including causing spike insulin levels, as well as the effect of food on the body berglikemi high. "The more insulin that is released into the blood stream, the higher the chances of a person to store fat in their bodies," 

Lucky this study showed that drinking only a little water during meals will not cause this problem, but it is different if you drink as much as one or two glasses of water or more. Better to drink two hours before and after meals to help facilitate the absorption of nutrients from food. 

To avoid drinking water while eating, Sabherwal also suggested a number of ways. "Make sure your food is not too salty because it can aggravate your thirst and trigger you to keep drinking water, in addition to eating in a hurry. Obviously, you will feel the need to push it with water when subjected to both. Rather than so, more well kept chewing your food because the body will release more digestive enzymes when chewing your stomach so that the task will be easier, "he concluded. 

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