Sunday, April 21, 2013

Beware, 4 This condition Prone Dehydration

 fact about 80 percent of the human body consists of water. Well, if you have heavy activity and being outdoors is certainly the liquid is reduced.But, did you know there are some conditions 'unique' body that are prone to dehydration? 

Here is the condition of the body prone to dehydration according to Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO. a sports physician. Conversation with detikhealth is housed at Din Tai Fung Resto lt.3 Plaza Indonesia, Jl MH Thamrin, Jakarta, and was written on Saturday (20/04/2013). 

Dr. Michael stated there are four conditions that are prone to dehydration: 

1. Mothers who have given birth 

Condition of the mother who had given birth pelvis is different from the previous. This condition will cause the mother to pee more often. "The condition of mothers who have children especially in large numbers will go down and push hips bladder eventually become more frequent pee. These conditions will make the lazy mother's drinking to avoid frequent back," said Dr. Michael. 

2. Prostate Enlargement In Men 

Men aged over 50 years will usually have an enlarged prostate. Where this situation will suppress bladder so that men become more frequent pee. "It's a natural thing for men, especially in the elderly. Situation is almost the same as the condition of the woman's body after childbirth. Finally, avoid drinking a lot and so prone to dehydration," he said. 

3. Diet 

It turns out, diet is one of the conditions that are very prone to dehydration. This is due to avoid food."Because ultimately would not eat so less drinking. Thus become easily dehydrated and can lead to other things such as less pleasant breath," said the doctor who practiced at hospitals. Mitra Kemayoran and Mall Taman Anggrek. 

And if the person is still drinking water will come out again through the urine. While the goal is to reduce dietary fat, not water. "If this is actually just water are reduced. Thus, although the weight down, so eating again the weight will go up again," he explained. 

4. Sleep 

Refrigerated room in a state of sleep or not remains to reduce fluid in the body. "When humans sleep breathing that steaming hot water continuously. However, fluid loss during sleep depends on how many people are drinking before going to bed," said Dr. Michael. 

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