Sunday, April 21, 2013

Exercise Wear Jackets Parachutes Perhaps, Origin ...

When exercising, everyone has their own goals. Anyone want to form a body, trying to thin, or just to sweat.

For the purposes of a lot of products that are consumed and used equipment to clothes. Some of them often use a jacket made from a parachute during exercise to provide more heat so it can burn more.

But if it is too long and is not controlled it can cause heart disease. "When exercising using a parachute jacket body will secrete more fluid due to excess heat. This will make the heart beat more quickly, especially if it is not properly hydrated," said Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO.
This was disclosed by Dr. Michael when talking with detikhealth at Din Tai Fung Resto lt.3 Plaza Indonesia, Jl Thamrin, Jakarta, Friday (19/04/2013).
As we all know, lack of fluids will keep the blood becomes more viscous, which makes the heart work extra and make pressure becomes higher. Sports physician who practiced at Mitra Kemayoran Hospital and Mall Taman Anggrek said sport using a parachute jacket is fine but there are time limits.

"This should be done under medical supervision and should be conducted at approximately one to one and a half hours. Was that I make it a habit in my practice," said Dr. Mike, so familiar greeting.

Actual exercise goal is to maintain health. So, do not get the wrong perception that excessive exercise to get things instantly.
"No need to go overboard, which is important keep the body well hydrated, especially after exercise," said Dr. Mike.

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