Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let's Eat Healthy & Sports To Sleep More Soundly

Implementing a healthy diet and exercise routine to lose weight. Not only that, the researchers also found that these practices provide benefits for people with mild apnea disorders during sleep or sleep-apnea. 

Apnea is a condition in which there is a pause in a person's breath. In the 1.5 years of the study respondents with obesity-sleep apnea, the researchers found that respondents who did this habit apneanya progress in healing compared with those who did not. 

People who have the disorder sleep apnea stop breathing for a moment to pause. This condition usually occurs in middle-aged adults and is associated with heart problems. 

"It usually takes at least several years to raise the level of the disease ranging from mild to severe to level, largely due to weight gain," said Dr.. Henri Tuomilehto, lead researcher of the Oivauni Sleep Clinic in Kuopio, Finland. 

"With these results, it is expected if the people can change the lifestyle of the development of sleep-apnea can be stopped," he added. 

Dr.. Tuomilehto and colleagues study involving 81 adults with obesity and sleep-apnea suffer from light for 1 year. The study began with a low-calorie diet plan and exercise routine. The other group was given only general information about diet and little information about the sport. 

The results show the differences between the group given only the intervention compared with the given information. But according to Dr. Tuomilehto, is still not known how the continuation of the group after the program is completed. 

Therefore, the 4-year post-program the researchers followed up 57 of the 81 respondents, as quoted by Reuters on Saturday (20/04/2013). 

They find the people who are involved in the intervention group successfully maintain weight. They weigh on average 12 kilograms lighter than before the program. 

6 People in the intervention group also experienced progress in healing sleep-apneanya, nobody even become severe. On the other hand, the comparison group of 12 people had moderate sleep-apnea and 2 people have severe sleep-apnea, the researchers wrote in the JAMA Internal Medicine. 

"We have to really think that weight loss efforts can be used as a treatment for sleep-apnea," said Dr..Tuomilehto. 

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