Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beginning a Healthy Mouth

Listen between the lines of our mouths, in this condition further, while experiencing some of the symptoms as below:

1. Pale gums appear red

     Signal: Anemia
    According to Russel Marier, MD, medical doctor from Wangshintin Diabetes, deficiency of red blood cells membut color pale gums. To overcome Marier encourages us to eat more iron, such as vegetables and beef

2. Thrush will not go away

     Signal: Oral Cancer

     Not to scare. But, you need to know that thrush is not just mean lack of vitamin C. Thrush is caused by a deficiency of vitamin C biaanya will heal in 1-2 weeks. While sustainable, especially if there is area under the tongue, it can lead to more serious illness. Do not underestimate the fast and consult a doctor. As more quickly detected, the faster the cure.

3. There is a whitish yellow spots on tongue

     Signal: Oral Infection
     Beverages such as, chocolate, coffee, or tea, used to change the color surface of the tongue, but it will be lost in bebebrapa hours. But do not stay silent when the surface of the tongue is yellow vaginal discharge and itch. These are symptoms of an infection, which caused more Marier lack of rigor maintain oral hygiene. Check with your doctor to eliminate the infection, then get used menyikay teeth 2 times a day.

4. Tooth colored transparent

     Signal: Stomach Disorders
     Healthy teeth should be pure white, not transparent. This change is due to the erosion of the enamel by stomach acid up into the mouth. "Stomach acid can dissolve minerals in the tooth and change the color of your teeth," said drg.Fransis. Karennya makanaan reduce the acidic and pastikam your mouth clean of food for about 2 hours before bedtime

Source : CHICMagazine

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