Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This How To Easily Check for Sensitive Teeth

     Teeth are tough and used to grind food in the mouth. But make no mistake, the outer layer of the tooth can be thinned so that the bottom layer that contains blood vessels and nerve endings become exposed. When this happens, the pain arising from sensitive teeth.

     Remaining sensitive teeth can cause inflammation of the pulp tissue, which is a network of nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth. The results will lead to prolonged pain, teeth can even cause death.

     A recent study showed that 45% of people in Indonesia suffer from sensitive teeth. Unfortunately, about 52% of them are not aware of it and are reluctant to the dentist. Perhaps because of his ngilunya come and go makes people think the symptoms can be cured by itself.
It could be because people with sensitive teeth do not know that the pain in her teeth are in fact caused by sensitive teeth. Before you go to the dentist, no one tried to check himself if the symptoms are a sign of sensitive teeth.

"There is an easy and simple that you can do yourself to detect whether you have sensitive teeth or not," said drg Rahma Landy, from GSK Detailing Manager Dental, Thursday (10/18/2012).

To detect the presence of sensitive teeth, Drg Rahma explains simple steps as follows:
1. Take a glass full of ice water
2. Sip and gargle water ice and water ice was entered into all gears
3. Let stand for a few moments
4. If you want to develop a sense of pain and for a moment on one tooth, then there is a possibility of having sensitive teeth

Source : detikHealth

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