Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thorough Before Put Braces

USING braces it was happening today. But, be careful, must not follow trends just because the tide. 'll Want to look beautiful smile, even a lot of missing teeth.

          According to Drg. Dyah Manastyarini, Sp.Ort., Braces installation should be done by experts, namely, orthodontist dentist with specialization. Due to improper handling can damage not only the beauty of the face, it also has a serious impact on health.

  • Materials and Equipment Must Be Clean
          Installation requires some material braces on the teeth. Starting from braces, rubber adhesive, to a substance used to stick. Long enough to make use of these materials emit a chemical reaction and impact on teeth and gums. The higher the quality of the material, the smaller impacts. That is why, the cost for installation and maintenance is expensive. Materials that do not comply with the standard and no clinical trials can leave spots on the teeth next to the tooth loss could make. Disease risk even higher.

  • There are stages
          Before braces installed, there are several steps that must be overcome. First, the process of printing the form of the jaw with special materials such as gypsum. After that, picture frame head in the laboratory to determine the shape of the jaw. Then do the installation of braces. The process of treatment itself takes 1-3 years, depending on the teething problems experienced.

          Several earlier stage also determines whether a doctor would perform tooth extraction or not. Typically, the removal was done to make cavities in between teeth to allow other teeth to move and can be styled properly. Well, if the revocation is not on the recommendation of a specialist orthodontist, one of the risks that can be posed is the change in shape of the jaw becomes unnatural.

  • Could Neural Bothered
          Teeth has a direct relationship with several important nerves. One treatment may cause some nerves do not function properly, causing prolonged dizziness, muscle tension in the neck, to the speech disorder.
"When the jaws are already experiencing changes shape and becomes disproportionate, need treatment for years to handle it. Anyway, if the nerves are affected, it will be very difficult to heal," said Rini.

  • Check First Before Post
          So, do not be easily tempted by the offer of installing braces low price and not by experts. So no one chose, try to consider the following tips before you decide to plug the stirrup.
- First check whether the advertiser has an orthodontist, the Drg. Sport.
- It's good to come directly to the hospital or clinic that handles dental problems.
- If you have already, immediately consult a specialist orthodontist for treatment before its too late

Source : CHIC Magazine

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