Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lots of Drinking Water Prevent Chubby Cheeks

      Chubby cheeks are not only obese people have. Many also ideal but slender and chubby cheeks. There are natural ways that can be done without having plastic surgery that would cost a lot.
Some people may be annoyed having chubby cheeks. Course will look fatter. Although it can be covered with makeup or special treatment. But not necessarily safe for skin health, might be pimply face.

      As reported, chubby face is due to water retention or blockage in the face. Usually caused by excess sugar and carbohydrates kosumsi. This is why the face was growing round.
Drinking eight glasses of water a day can be done to overcome them. In addition, to increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. To prevent dehydration and circulation including coping with water retention.

      In the article at (03/19/2012) also mentioned, the lack of water consumption could lead to face so chubby or greater. Consumption of 8-10 glasses of water per day can be trusted to tackle retention also prevent wrinkles.

     Water that contains a lot of minerals is also known to help you lose weight. Can also help reduce fever children and help sperm production. The price is cheap and so easy to come by.

Source : detikHealth

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