Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to Select Fresh Fish and Sea Food Fresh The Tasty

     Fish is one of perishable foods, because protein content is very high causing foul odors. For culinary purposes are advised to choose the fish is really fresh, in addition it will be better, the protein content would be better. Many mothers can not choose the fish was really fresh, especially if you will be spending a dead fish in the market.

     The characteristics of fresh fish is light and bright colors. fish meat feels hard when pressed, clear eyes bulging and convex, fresh fish scales are still strongly attached strong and shiny, scales still intact is not much loose, red gills, fins strong, the skin and flesh of fish does not tear easily, especially on the abdomen . Do not stink.
     While it marks a rotten fish like eyes bleak and sinks, and scales easily separated bleak, dismal color with a thick mucus. gray gills with mucus thick, flabby abdominal wall, the overall color dingy and smelled foul:

The characteristics of fresh shrimp:
1. Fresh shrimp color tinted clear and there are no black spots.
2. Fresh shrimp look stumpy, when pressed, fresh shrimp meat feels hard.
3. Foot and skin and head are not easily separated.
4. Typical fishy smell fresh shrimp shrimp do not stink.

The characteristics of fresh shellfish:
1. When buying mussels in the shell, make sure the shells are open a lot, it shows the mussels are still alive.
2. When buying mussels off of skin shells choose the meat is still solid and intact.
3. Shellfish meat color has not changed from the original, clam meat has changed color indicates that the shells have been rotten.
4. Flavorful not typical fishy smell foul.

The characteristics of fresh calamari:
1. Fresh squid body supple and firm when pressed.
2. Small squid purple body with black spots. While large squid measuring over 20 cm), white body with little black spots.
3. Fresh calamari coated in mucous membranes clear.
4. Removing the distinctive smell and not smell rotten.

The characteristics of crab or crab fresh:
1. Crabs are generally sold alive because it is usually tied up, while the crab is sold in a state is dead.
2. To choose the crab eyes moved in and out, it signifies crabs alive.
3. Choose a crab or crab fingers still intact including the claws.
4. Tap with your finger on the back when it is hard it means crab or crab fat and healthy.
5. To distinguish a fat crab or crab can also be done by lifting the body. When you feel lighter means less dense flesh

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