Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Because sleepy Ulcer Pain, Might?

The influence of drugs can sometimes make people who are coughing and colds easily sleepy are encouraged to bring their own vehicle. But for stomach ulcers, rarely heard such a suggestion. Is there a connection ulcer and sleepy?

Widely reported, the youngest Coordinating Minister Hatta Rajasa a deadly accident, Amrullah Rashid (22) are undergoing treatment heartburn. While the allegations of the police, the accident occurred because Rashid sleepy.

It is much easier to hook up the possibility of drowsiness with the fact that the accident occurred after Rashid staying up to celebrate New Year's Eve. But apparently they experienced heartburn can also be associated with drowsiness.

The relationship between the heartburn medicine called dyspepsia revealed in a study by sleepy, a popular health websites. Of 12,042 cases of dyspepsia were investigated, 155 cases (1.29 percent) is accompanied by symptoms of sleepiness.

There is no further information that explains why some patients small ulcer dyspepsia or may experience drowsiness. Possible side effects also can not be blamed because the study was the type of drugs consumed are not distinguished.

Views based on their gender, women more often experience symptoms when suffering from heartburn sleepiness. Quoted from, Wednesday (01/02/2013), the ratio was 72.22 percent as many women as men, while only 27.78 per cent.

Meanwhile, if seen from the factor of age, the elderly over 60 years experience most of these symptoms ie 47.18 percent. Next is the age group 50-59 years (26.76 per cent), 40-49 years (7.75 per cent), 20-29 years (8.45 per cent) and 30-39 years (7.04 per cent).

Medicines for the treatment of stomach ulcers are generally rare in the list include drowsiness side effects. Warning not to bring vehicles are more common in cold cough medicines usually contain antihistamines or allergy.

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