Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Garlic Can Reduce Cancer Risk

Garlic is one food flavoring ingredients, but also efficacious for treating various diseases. Treatment with garlic also been done by our ancestors past. Hipocrates who lived in 460 BC using garlic to treat people with pneumonia and infected wounds. In addition, garlic can lower cholesterol, reduce blood clots in the heart arteries are narrowed, correct disorders of high and low blood pressure, stimulates the immune system to work better, reduce pain in the bones, reducing the occurrence of arthritis and reduces the risk of cancer.

Another benefit of garlic is to reduce stress and facilitate digestion. Quintessence garlic combined with vitamin E and selenium can prevent hair loss, beneficial for eye health, can increase sperm count, treat cough, worms, itchy skin disease, toothache, vomiting, arthritis, and diabetes tiphus. For women, it turns out garlic can slow the aging process and smoothes skin to make it look fresh.

Allisin compounds contained in garlic is the sulfur compounds (sulfur) and amino acids that function as antibiotics. Derivatives allisin called diallyl disulfide oxidase may lower cholesterol and lipids in the blood serum and liver.

Research in Japan by Kominato and Shiga find scordinin compound in garlic which serves as a growth driver enzyme. If allisin worked as eradication of the disease, the role scordinin provide strength and growth of the body. But allisin on raw garlic can turn into hard oxidant that can cause stomach upset and hemolytic anemia, so it is recommended not to eat too much raw garlic.

Some recent studies suggest that garlic may reduce cancer risk. Research Robert H Hurt, a hematologist and oncologist from the United States Brown University, said that garlic can stop the growth of cancer cells in the human body. This statement is reinforced by Weis Burger and Penskey of Western Reserve University who conducted the study on mice induced cancer cells within 16 days of the mice died. When cancer cells are treated with garlic juice is injected, the mice did not die for 6 months. While other mice that were fed fresh garlic does not have cancer.

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