Tuesday, January 1, 2013

These benefits Learned from Sports Night

For people who are super busy, the night could be the only time for exercise. So what are the benefits of exercise at the moment when the sun had set this?

"Theoretically, the muscles are better prepared (when exercising at night)," said Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO, sports medical experts from RS Mitra Kemayoran when talking with detikHealth, written on Wednesday (12/26/2012).

When the muscles are ready, meaning for people who exercise for muscle building, exercise at night more beneficial than exercise in the morning or evening.
However, Dr Michael said the fact that the outcome was no significant difference between muscle building exercise night and early morning.

For 'man night' a fresh and more spirit activity at night, exercise in the evening can also provide more benefits.

In addition to making the body more healthy and fresh, exercise in the evening can also help overcome sleep problems such as insomnia, if done correctly and intensity according to the capacity of the body.

"Whatever physical activity can have a positive impact can also be negative. Athletic If appropriate, use the size of the heart rate, it can treat insomnia, sleep more quickly," said Dr. Michael.

On the contrary, if carried to excess the night club regardless body's ability, then the activity should instead make healthy body dehydration and insomnia. This is because the burning of excess calories that lead to body heat and fluid loss.

"It can treat insomnia when the time counted. Least 2 hours before bed and drink plenty of water to the cooling process more quickly," added Dr. Michael.

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