Wednesday, January 2, 2013

These factors could Thwarting Healthy Resolutions

Failure of an early resolution, particularly with regard to health can be caused by many factors. Not only about the motivations, intentions sometimes a fixed end in failure though it was supported by a strong motivation.

"Everyone wants instant. We can not blame, in modern times no one would be difficult," said Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO, a health expert from RS Mitra Kemayoran detikHealth as written when contacted on Wednesday (01/02/2013 ).

The tendency to get instant results without offset by mature strategy according to the cause of the failure
of a resolution which was formulated at the beginning of the year. Although originally looked spirit, the edges would be difficult to realize.

Following this, Dr. Michael exemplifies the strategic mistakes that led to the failure of healthy resolutions in the new year:

1. There is no evaluation system
Almost everyone focused on new things when formulating a resolution. Though not sekalu should be, it could also be an update on the resolution of the previous year. It would be easier if the new year's resolution is considered as an evaluation of what has worked, and is expected to be better in the next year.

"For those who do not make the (resolution time) in 2012, then need to make a (new resolution) now. IBHS is to walk, at least collect the initial data such as test results and set the year 2013 should be better in a comprehensive way," said Dr. Michael .

2. Lack of planning
Planning is not considered essential for a new year's resolution just kidding, within the meaning of success ya thanks but if it fails it never mind. But for those who want to succeed, the formulation of a clear and detailed about the steps and stages of what is to be prepared will certainly help.

3. Perfunctory and just went along
It is undeniable, so many people are celebrating the new year by making resolutions healthier then not a few who later talkative and went along. Without clear goals and plans, then only luck that will bring resolution.

4. Too high
In setting targets in healthy resolution 2013, should also be considered capitals and capabilities. Setting unrealistic targets generally will only end in disappointment, except that from the beginning is not too serious.

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