Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This mistake Do When She Ran

Running can be a cheap one sport that does not require much equipment. But unfortunately, some people sometimes make mistakes while running. What is it?

Sometimes it is difficult for a person to determine whether the way he ran it right or not, because he could not see himself. Even so, there are some common mistakes people do when running.

Here are his mistakes, as quoted from Timesofindia, Friday (28/12/2012), namely:

1. Ran an asymmetric pattern
This condition makes a person puts more pressure on one side of the body than others. Listen to your walk, because the sound can tell someone how to walk. If this continues, it can cause pain.

2. Knees do not get the right support
Many people often have problems with his knee when walking, this causes a weak gluteus muscles. When walking and running, the knee must remain in line with the hips.

However, if the hip muscles are weak and do not support the weight, the body burden of this will go to the knee and caused him to slouch into. To fix this exercise needs to be done to build the posterior gluteus medius and gluteus maximus.

3. Excessive swinging arm
Excessive swinging arm or wild can cause back pain, since the long-term movement is contributing to the pressure on the back. Even stepping too wide can cause excessive rotation at the hip and spine.

4. Wearing improper
Using the wrong size shoes not only causes discomfort, but can also affect the spine, hips and knees. For that use the right size shoe, and better if you wear special shoes to run.

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