Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Want to Slim? Learn from the Piano Player

At first glance, playing music business has nothing to do with weight. But experts say the key to losing weight like a key that is used to play the piano with a beautiful melody. The key is it?

The key question of course is not the key of G, A-minor chord, and so on that are or combination tones as used when playing music. Discipline is the key to success, both when playing music and lose weight.

Just like when playing music, weight loss also takes discipline and strict behavior change. At least this is conveyed by the weight-loss management experts from Loyola University, as quoted from Indiavision, Wednesday (02/01/2013).

"Behavior change is the foundation of a healthy weight loss and successful. Takes at least 3 months to initiate the change. Much like learning to play music from an expert teacher, losing weight should be done with people who are professionals," said Dr. Jessica Bartfield of Loyola University.

As a message to other health experts, Dr. Bartfield also emphasized that there was no instant results in an effort to lose weight. It took a moment so that the process does not have to be lived with extra patience if you want the results are satisfactory.

"You need to practice and will make some mistakes to get it right," said Dr. Bartfield.

Attempts to lose weight is never easy. Although the clinics that offer a variety of weight loss program sold in the United States, an estimated 20 percent of patients who enjoy the expected success.

"When learning to play the piano, you expect if pressed the wrong tone a few times then the next will be ready to try again and continue playing. Similar expectations you need when you want to lose weight and make plans accordingly," he concluded.

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