Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Stomach Throw Buncit with Sport & Diet

Huma daily late with activities in the office. From morning to evening, office activities 'hostage' linger in the chair. For the sake of killing penah, often she eats junk food. As a result his stomach bloated and fat with stubbornly perched on his body.

Do not want to stay long predicated as potbellied man, Huma also intends to change his appearance. He began exercising diligently. In addition to the fat in the abdomen, Huma also want to be healthier. Understandably, lifestyle made her uric acid at the age of 30 years before this.

"I am healthy resolutions in 2013 is to have a flat stomach and healthier," said Huma in conversation with detikHealth, Wednesday (01/02/2013).

Since mid-2012, real Huma is often the gym with exercises focused on toning the abdominal muscles. Three times a week, he took time to workout after returning from office.

"Just after exercise still can not control eating," continued the man who is fond of Indian films.

For that in 2013, the focus will be more Huma belly throw. Besides remain diligent exercise better at night after work, or in the morning when the holiday, his diet will be more guarded. Instead of eating fried foods, Huma would rather eat fruit when hungry between meals heavy food.

"I will eat fruit and reduces banyakin (portion) dinner," continued the tall man this big.

Well, consistency is needed for healthy resolution 2013 just beautiful words at the beginning of the year. Huma was determined to work hard to stay consistent. If the first sport he's lazy and could be a diligent and even hobby sport, so now he was sure could keep his diet in order to better shape and healthier.

"The sport has begun to appear. Stomach has decreased slightly, and the body more toned. So 2013 should exercise and a better diet," said Huma.

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