Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blood Panda Will So Material Antibiotics?

The number of emerging superbugs and treated so impervious own challenges for scientists to search for new antibiotics. Scientists in China also do it and succeed. Unfortunately, the material is on panda blood.

Yes, a typical funny animal Bamboo Curtain country is threatened would be hunted down if his blood is made of antibiotics. And as is known, in particular the ability panda giant panda blood contains antibiotics is quite low so vulnerable to extinction.

Fortunately scientists from Nanjing Agricultural University to make sure the blood would not use antibiotics as a giant panda. The research team led by
Dr. Xiuwen Yan has found a way to get the same compound artificially in the laboratory.

The giant panda has inspired the development of new antibiotics because blood contains compounds that can kill microorganisms. Compound called cathelicidin-AM were obtained when scientists analyzed the DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid) panda blood.

Research shows that these compounds protect the bamboo-eating bear cute young from infection while living in the wild. Likewise when tested in the laboratory, extract panda blood can kill microbes in 1.5 hours while antibiotics can take 6 hours to do so.

"Under the pressure of the increasing drug-resistant microorganisms, there is an urgent need to develop a new type of antibikroba," said Dr. Yan was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (02/01/2013).

China's panda population has continued to decline as more native habitat loss is the black and white bears. Bamboo forest that is home to the panda bamboo shoots much destroyed as widely consumed as food and building materials so old.

Ability panda to breed naturally in the wild is also very low because only female pandas having a fertile once a year. Breeding efforts at Edinburgh Zoo are also difficult, because when a female panda captured it becomes increasingly difficult to have children.

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