Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning mouth syndrome causes chronic burning pain in the mouth. The pain from burning mouth syndrome may affect the tongue, gums, lips, inner cheek, palate, or a wide area around the mouth. The pain feels like a scalded on the mouth. Other names for burning mouth syndrome include scalded mouth syndrome, burning tongue syndrome, burning lips syndrome, glossodynia and stomatodynia.

The cause of burning mouth syndrome can be classified as primary or secondary. 1. Burning mouth syndrome is primary when the cause of burning mouth syndrome is unknown, the condition is called primary mouth syndrome. Several studies have shown that primary burning mouth syndrome related to problems in the taste and sensory nerves of the peripheral or central nervous system. 2. Burning mouth syndrome is sometimes secondary burning mouth syndrome is caused by an underlying medical condition, such as malnutrition called secondary burning mouth syndrome.

Symptoms of burning mouth syndrome include: 1. Burning sensation may affect the tongue, lips, gums, palate, throat or whole mouth 2. Tingling or numb sensation in the mouth or on the tip of the tongue à ¾ 3. Pain in the mouth of the deteriorating 4. The sensation of dry mouth 5. Increased thirst 6. Numbness in the mouth 7. Changes in taste, such as a bitter taste.

There is no sure way to treat primary burning mouth syndrome, danbeberapa methods can only alleviate the symptoms. Treatment depends on the specific signs and symptoms, as well as the underlying conditions that may cause mouth pain. Treatment options may include: 1. Giving candy in the form of a type of anticonvulsant medication clonazepam (Klonopin) 2. Alpha-lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that is produced naturally by the body 3. Oral medication 4. Antidepressants 5. Vitamin B 6. Cognitive behavioral therapy 7. Mouthwash 8. Saliva substitute products 9. Capsaicin, a pain reliever made from chili Surgery is not recommended for burning mouth syndrome.

Source: MayoClinic

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