Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If the kidneys Hospital, The Sooner The Senile

       Each organ in the human body are interrelated and influence each other, such as the kidneys. Kidney condition was also associated with brain function, so if there are problems in the kidneys, the brain can feel the effect.

      "The brain and the kidney is the organ that is affected by the cardiovascular system, so that the health condition of the two organs are mutually influence each other," said Adam Davey, associate professor of public health at Temple's College of Health Professions and Social Work, who led the study.

      The researchers from various universities in the United States to re-examine health data from a separate study conducted on 590 people over 5 years. The results showed that the greater a person's kidney function decline, the greater the decline in cognitive function, specifically decline reasoning and memory.

      "Both kidney and brain were equally affected by blood pressure and hypertension, so naturally if a change in one organ will be linked to changes in other organs. Study provides enough evidence that the rate of cognitive decline associated with decreased kidney function," added Davey, such as Health.India reported on Tuesday (20/11/2012).
       This information shows the importance of diagnosing kidney disease early and treat it immediately before they become chronic and cause cognitive decline. When someone impaired cognitive function, he will lose the intelligence and memory loss to dementia may be at a young age.

      Kidney function is the function decreases as the development of age, so you need to maintain healthy kidneys so that brain function is also well maintained. Be aware of the causes of kidney failure such as hypertension.

      Change your diet so as not to harm the kidneys such as avoiding processed foods and foods that contain too much salt. Instead choose foods low in potassium such as apples, cabbage, green beans, grapes and strawberries. By keeping kidneys healthy, you can also maintain brain health.

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